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Childhood Advocate & Education Consultant

Because Raising Tiny Humans is Hard

It’s crucial we walk ALONGSIDE of our kids guiding and supporting them in their digital wellness instead of the US vs. THEM.

Katey McPherson brings experience in school leadership, prevention, and organizational change with 25 years as a secondary school teacher, guidance counselor, and PK-12 school administrator. 


Katey’s educational career focus is on student and teacher social and emotional wellness and supports. She has worked diligently on several youth mental health initiatives and laws, delivers professional development to learning communities with a focus on creating adaptive coping skills and resiliency, and speaks to students to increase their awareness and education in digital citizenship/social media responsibility. 


Katey currently serves as the Director of Professional Development for Bark for Schools, an artificial intelligence app that protects over 5 million children while they use personal and school issued devices.


Katey has a vested interest in youth mental health and led the ONE GILBERT suicide prevention initiative under Mayor Jenn Daniels of Gilbert, Arizona and currently sits on the Teen Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee under the leadership of Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers.


Prior to these positions,  Katey served as the Executive Director of The Gurian Institute, an international teacher and parent training institute rooted in neurobiological teaching strategies as well as serving as a Board Member for Common Sense Media-Phoenix.  

My Mission

Have the tough conversations.

Ask the difficult questions.



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