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My Story

Katey McPherson brings experience in school leadership, prevention, and organizational change with 25 years as a secondary school teacher, guidance counselor, and PK-12 school administrator. 


Katey’s educational career focus is on student and teacher social-emotional needs and wellness, youth mental health initiatives, social justice, and digital citizenship/social media responsibility. 


Katey recently served as the Executive Director of The Gurian Institute, Advisory Board Member for Common Sense Media-Phoenix, and as an international teacher and parent training institute rooted in neuro-biological teaching strategies. 


Katey currently serves in multiple consultative roles; such as:

  • BARK: Director of Professional Development

  • Youth Mental Health Advocate


It’s crucial we walk ALONGSIDE of our kids guiding and supporting them in their digital wellness instead of the US vs. THEM.

My Mission

Have the tough conversations.

Ask the difficult questions.



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